Who invented the iPhone?


The original iPhone was released in June 2007. While many events led up to the invention of the iPhone, the date that the original iPhone was released was June 29, 2007. That's when the iPhone became available for consumer purchase. However, the iPhone was the latest step in a long series of research projects begun by Steve Jobs and Apple long before this date.
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Steve Jobs. did. From: http://www.wired.com/gadg. ets/wir. In 2002, shortly after the first. iPod was released, Jobs started thinking about developing a phone. He saw millions of
Steve Jobs
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The idea for the iphone was a concept developed by an Apple worker named John Casey. Casey sent some concept art through email to his fellow co-workers which he called Telipod. This was the begininngs of the iphone.
The iPhone was actually invented by a group of engineers working at Apple. Steve Jobs is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apple, and he did give the engineers the task of investigating the concept of the touch screen phone. Apple was in secret collaboration with AT&T and others to develop a model of the phone.
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