Who Invented the Lollipop?


The lollipop was invented by George Smith. He trademarked the name in the year 1931 but is said to have created it in the year 1908.
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George Smith claimed to be the first to invent lollipops in 1908. However, Samuel Born was the first to automate the making of lollipops back in 1916.
As early as 1905, the McAviney Candy Company, now defunct, may have stumbled
The name lollipop was first coined by George Smith, owner of a confectionery business called the Bradley Smith Company. George Smith named the stick candy after his favorite race
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The inventor of stick candy is unknown, but the Lollipop name was trademarked by George Smith in 1931. Smith claimed to have named it after his favorite race horse.
Samuel Born had already invented a machine that inserted sticks into candy, called the Born Sucker Machine, in San Francisco in 1916.
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