Who Invented the Magnifying Glass?


The invention of the magnifying glass can be traced back to 424 BC. Roger Bacon, an Englishman, who graduated from Oxford University is often credited for the invention of the magnifying glass. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnifying_glass
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History. Bacon lived and studied at Oxford and in Paris during a time of extensive debate regarding theology and natural-science studies. Identification. Considered a radical, Bacon
early 1200's.
Englishman Roger Bacon.
1. Put the thing you wish to read or examine on a steady, flat surface, such as a table. Ad. 2. Pull up a chair if you are at a table. 3. Put the magnifying glass in between your
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Who Invented the Magnifying Glass?
Roger Bacon, an Englishman and a lecturer at the University of Oxford born in the early 1200s, most often receives credit for the first known use and descriptions of a magnifying glass or lens.... More »
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Creating a magnifying glass is a simple project but it does require following a few steps. You need to have a sturdy stable surface, a table or a box that won't ...
In the 15th century in Venice, the first clear glass called crystalloid was invented and then exported. In 1675, glassmaker George Ravens croft invented lead crystal ...
It is thought that stone age man invented glass. We do know that glass has been around since about 5,000 BC. Ancient Syrians were known to have, though accidentally ...
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