Who Invented the Microwave?


Percy Lebaron Spencer invented the microwave.
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The microwave oven was invented when Dr. Percy Spencer realized that standing near a magnetron tube could cause a candy bar in his pocket to melt. For more information see here:
Identification The microwave oven's discovery pretty much comes down to one man, Percy Spencer. Spencer was an American engineer and inventor from Howland, Maine who was working at
Percy LeBaron Spencer is regarded as the inventor of the microwave oven. Spencer worked as an engineer with the Raytheon company, which was a company that developed defence and industrial
Portable Microwave Turntable, U.S. Patent 4,254,359 by Bruce Beh and Patricia M.
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The microwave oven was invented in 1945 by American engineer Percy Spencer who worked for Raytheon.
How the microwave came into existence is a funny story. Percy Spence noticed that when he stood next to a radars wave, the candy in his pocket melted. This gave him the idea for the first microwave.
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