Who invented playing cards?


There are many theories as to where playing cards were invented, with some suggesting India and others suggesting China. Most people tend to be of the opinion that cards were invented in China as paper was invented in China and most historians agree that cards were first created in China. Historical records show Emperor Mu-Tsung playing cards with his wife on the New Year’s Eve of 969 A.D.
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Identification. A typical deck of playing cards today contains 52 cards. The deck features four suits-spades, hearts, diamonds and spades-with cards in each suit numbering from 2
It is rumoured to be the chinese, although no one is 100% positive. =)
The earliest playing cards are believed to have originated in Central Asia. But
Historians believe that playing cards were found in China as early as the 9th century during the Tang Dynasty.
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Who Invented Playing Cards?
There are about as many versions of the history of playing cards as there are games to play with them. Some scholars argue that they came from an Asian country like China or Korea. Others say that the cards came east from India. France, Italy and Spain... More »
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Playing cards were invented by the Chinese as they began shuffling paper currency into different combinations. It is however uncertain when and where the cards originated though China, where the cards appeared as early as the 7th century, seems to be the most appropriate place for the invention.
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