Who Invented the Iron Plow?


The first snow plow was made of wood and drawn by horses. The earliest instance of documentation of who invented the plow were brothers Hans and Even Overaasen from Norway.
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IMPROVED ANSWER: John Deere's invention of the steel plow opened up the rich prairies of Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa.
Richard Gatling invented the steam plow pulled by a pair of oxen in 1871. It was
Scholars say that the first iron plows were used in China during the Warring States period (475-221 B.C. They were pushed by hand instead of by animals. The first significant use
In 1837, John Deer invented the first mechanical plow. His company lives on and is renown.
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The earliest plows were used in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley as early as the 6000 BC.
The plow was invented by John Deere. This is the creator of the well known tractor and farm company, John Deere. He was an Illinois blacksmith and manufacturer.
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