Who Invented the Plunger?


It has been reported that the common household plunger was invented by a farmer named Jeffrey Gunderson. The device was originally used by the farmer to alleviate his cows of constipation.
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The creator of the common plunger is no other than Vince Vanata.
Jeffrey Gunderson invented the plunger in 1932 to relieve constipation in one of
The origins of the toilet plunger are not clear. New York University suggests the lack of historical information may be due to the fact that it is associated with human waste, but
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American farmer Jeffrey Gunderson invented the plunger in 1932 on the Isle of Jersey. He originally invented it to relieve constipation in one of his cows.
Way back in 1777, the 'plunger closet' was invented by Samuel Prosser. The plunger not only released waste but it also sealed the soil pipe.
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The person who invented the toilet plunger appears to be a man by the name of Samuel Prosser. He received a patent for it in 1777. What a great invention! You ...
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