Who Invented the Screw?


Nebuchadrezzar II was the person who invented the screw. The screw was also independently invented by Archimedes of Syracuse. There are some accounts that the screw was also invented by Archytas of Tarentum.
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It is hard to believe the screw has been around since the 3rd century BC, the concept was invented by Archimedes. The moderen screws look different now and there are many different
Husnain Ali khan invented Screw Jack in 1980. WRONG invented by Leonardo da vinci in 1450. more recent I have worked with screw jacks since 1960.
In 1797, Englishmen, Henry Maudslay (1771-1831) invented a large screw. Thanks for
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Screw shaped tools have been used since the first century, but no one knows who invented the first screw. Metal screws were first used in fifteenth century. In 1770, the Jesse Ramsden first mass produced the screw.
No one knows who invented screws, but wooden screws have been found to be used as early as the first century. Metal screws with fasteners appeared in the fifteenth century.
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Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 BC) invented the screw, to remove water from the hold of a ship, a technology being used at the Yorkshire Dales hydroelectric power ...
The Ancient Greeks, one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen, are credited with inventing the screw, the thermometer, door locks, coins and maps ...
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