Who Invented the Skyscraper?


The invention of the skyscraper is attributed to William Le Baron Jenney. He is an American architect who designed the 10-storey Home Insurance Building in Chicago. Back then, a 10-storey building was a skyscraper.
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What holds a structure up? Until the 19th century, the answer was "the walls. That meant thick walls and a wide base of heavy stone at the bottom, supporting smaller and smaller
William Le Baron Jenney.
The credit is usually given to American architect William Jenney (1832-1907), who designed the 10-story Home Insurance Building, erected on the corner of LaSalle and Monroe Streets
A skyscraper is a very tall building. Elisha Graves Otis invented the
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The Home Insurance Building in Chicago, built in 1885, was the first building deemed a skyscraper and was designed by William LeBaron Jenney.
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