Who invented the Slinky?


Richard. T. James accidentally invented the slinky which his wife named. Having built a spring, he accidentally knocked it off a shelf, and saw it literally crawl, coil by coil, to a lower shelf, onto a stack of books, down to the tabletop, and finally come to rest, upright, on the floor.
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Answer The inventor of the slinky is Richard James, who had help from his wife, Betty James. Richard James was an engineer employed by the Navy. In 1943, while working on anti-vibration
Richard James and Betty James invented the slinky in 1945. Over a quarter billion Slinkys have
The Slinky™ was invented by Philadelphia engineer Richard T. James in the mid-1940s. The Slinky™ is a toy made of a steel or plastic coil that tumbles smoothly down a
Richard James & Betty James invented the Slinky, started in 1945 with a $500 loan ans debuted at Gimbel's Department Store in Philadelphia!
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The slinky was invented by Richard and Betty James in 1945.
Richard was a naval engineer working with tension springs when one of the springs fell to the ground. He saw how the spring kept moving after it hit the ground and an idea for a toy was born.
The slinky was invented by a naval engineer named Richard James in 1943. Even though the slinky today is a little different than the original, it is still very popular.
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