Who Invented the Sofa?


The Egyptians even had sofa's back in 2000 BC. A newer and improved sofa came around in the 17th century. These sofa's was mostly made from horse hair & feathers. Springs didn't start coming out until around 1828. A man called Morris in 1904 started using Pocket Springs and bringing about the more modern couch/sofa.
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If you want to know who invented the sofa, the history goes back to ancient Egypt. The year around 2000 BC, but the invention was modified by the early 16th century.
Ancient Egyptians used sofas around 2000 BC, but the true sofa was invented in the end of the 16th to early 17th century. In Europe 1904, Morris invented pocket spring into wooden framework to make sofa, the originator of modern spring sofa.
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It is unknown exactly when the sofa was invented.
Jay Wellingdon Couch invented the couch in the year 1895. Have a
Fred Sofa, a Hungarian engineer in the 19th century. The Swedes claim it was Alfred Ikea, the famous inventor and founder of IKEA, but that's not true. Wrong forum.
Sofa was originally an Arabic word for the raised section of floor, furnished with rugs and cushions. Classed as a day bed in the 17th C.
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It is thought that the sofa was invented around 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. Although since then, many changes and improvements have been made. It wasn't until 1828 ...
The tuxedo sofa is thought to have first been invented in the 1920s, and derives its name from the same place as does the tuxedo, from the classy town of Tuxedo ...
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