Who Invented the First Speaker?


Speakers were first invented by a German known as Ernst Siemens in 1877. In 1898, Englishman Sir Oliver Lodge, patent the second speaker and in 1924 Chester W. Rice and Edward Washburn Kellogg two General Electric researchers, patented the modern, moving coil, direct radiator, loudspeaker, which became the prominent design for all speakers.
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There are a few tales in who invented the speakers. Alexander Grand Bell patented te first loudspeaker to use in his telephone in 1876. A German man named Ernst Siemens Patented the
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A speaker is an electro acoustic transducer which produces sound in response to an electrical audio signal input. The first speaker was invented by German scientist and inventor Johann Philipp Reis.
The speaker is dated back to 1861 when Johann Philipp Reis put a loudspeaker that was electric in the telephone. This was followed by Alexander Graham bell patenting his first loudspeaker that was electric that was able to produce speech that was intelligent in 1876. Then Ernest Siemens made a better version of Graham's speaker in 1877. There are many other inventors who came after who led to what is now known as a speaker.
Alexander Graham Bell invented the first electric loud speaker in 1876. He received patent for the speaker as part of his patent for the telephone. You can find more information at en.wikipedia.org
in the year 1887 a German man named Ernst Siemens patented the first ever loudspeaker. A second patent was issued in 1898 to another man. These were both invented before music had even become electrified! In 1924 Chester W. Rice and Edward Washburn Kellogg patented the modern loudspeaker that we know of today. They were sold under the name 'Radiola' and were the first to make music a pleasure to listen to.
Alexander Graham Bell is the man who first invented speakers. He invented the first ever phone in 1876 and the speaker was a part of this phone. Since then, many others have invented various other types of speakers.
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