Who invented the stress ball?


There is not a single inventor of the stress ball. The concept of the ball originated in Heibei, China in 1368 A.D. during the Ming Dynasty. Back then they were called Baoding Balls. The balls are used for tension relief and help relieve stress.
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i. think. the Mayan tribe.
Early Tennis Balls. The first tennis balls were made of leather that wrapped wool or fur around the ball with string. They date as far back as the early 11th century with no one credited
Otto von Guericke became famous for his Magdeburg vacuum experiments and
The beach ball was invented by Jonathon DeLonge in 1938.
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Who Invented the Stress Ball?
Stress balls come in a variety of designs, materials and uses ranging from ancient art and alternative medicine to rubberized marketing toys. Whether you are looking for a unique gift, medical benefit or a way to advertise your business, stress balls may... More »
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