Who Invented the Tank?


A Colonel in the British army developed the idea of creating the tank when he noticed that the only vehicles that could navigate the rough terrain were caterpillar tractors with moving treads. He realized that if such a vehicle were covered with armour, it might be just the very thing to get into and over the enemies trenches. They weren?t used in battle until the end of 1916.
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It is claimed that tanks were invented by Colonel Ernest Swinton who, with the help of a friend managed to persuade Sir Winston Churchill to set up a committee to look at the possibilities
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It is claimed that tanks were invented by Colonel Ernest Swinton. His input was a thought shared with Lord Kitchener during the First World War in December 1914. Major W G Wilson who was an army Lieutenant at the time of invention and Sir William Tritton invented the Mark I tank in 1915.
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The tank used in World War I was an advancement of previous models of war machines that was made by Lieutenant W. G. Wilson of the Naval Air Service and William ...
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