Who Invented the Timpani?


Timpani is a musical instrument made of a piece of skin placed over a large drum and played with a stick. Evidence shows that the instrument was first used in Europe before the 13th century. The moors also used the instrument 700 years before during the invasion of Spain.
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The inventor of the timpani is unknown but these drums have been seen in European military battles. The timpani is considered to a small version of the kettledrum which has been around for several thousand years.
The timpani was invented by the European of the medieval era. This percussion instrument was used by the European Royalty during the 17th century. The timpani is also known as kettledrums and they are usually played in pairs.
The origination of the timpani is unknown because this drama has been around for so long that we are unable to tell, The timpani is also known as the kettle drum.
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It was known that people in Middle Eastern made the first Timpani.
The original Puschmann Timpani was invented in 1880. The creator is unknown. Have a Day!
Sadly there are no known answers as to who created it. It's been sooooooo long since it's been around. Some say it was even used by the ancient Hebrews. wiki gave me this interesting
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Since there is no known inventor of the timpani it is hard to say when exactly it has been invented. Records show that it has been in use since the ancient times ...
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