Who Invented the Harp?


The harp is a stringed instrument that has the plane of its strings which are positioned in perpendicular form to the sound board. The oldest of them date as far a 4000 BC in Egypt though the first form of a harp in Europe was developed in the Tyrol region of Austria. In the Bible, they are related to King David.
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Harps were most likely independently invented in many parts of the world in remote prehistory. It is self-evident that the harp's origins may lie in the sound of a plucked hunter's
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The draw harp scale originated in 1845 at a school for women in Australia. It is unknown
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The harp is a multi-stringed instrument that has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicularly to the soundboard. It consists of a neck, resonator, and strings. Historians and archaeologists confirmed the use of harps by the ancient Persians and Egyptians.
The first Harp was most likely invented by the Egyptians in 3000 BC in Mesopotamia Egypt. The can be described as a multi stringed musical instrument with strings that are perpendicularly positioned to the soundboard and it belongs to the chordophones family of musical instruments.
The origin of the harp is unclear since there have been so many designs from other parts of the world in the early beginnings of the harp. The belief is the harp originated from the bow.
It's unclear to who invented the first harp, but history tells us that the harp was invented by the Egyptians back in the day sometime around 3000 BC. Hey, did you know that harps appear in ancient Egyptian paintings? Cool huh?
As the harp is older than records, no one knows who invented it or where it was invented. The oldest harp found is from 4000 BC and was found in Egypt.
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