Who Invented the Water Purification Device?


The inventor of the water purification device was Dean Kamen. Dean Kamen is president of the DEKA Research and Development Corporation. He received the Edwin F. Church Medal for significant research.
Q&A Related to "Who Invented the Water Purification Device?"
So you can drink clean water, instead of dirty filthy water that can make you sick.
Home water purification devices are divided into two general types: point-of-use devices and point-of-entry devices. Point-of-use devices filter water at one particular location in
If you are interested in drinking only the best water that you can, you should considered getting a water purifier or a water filtration device that will allow you to cleanse your
Water purification is a general term referring to the filtration or treatment of water to make it potable, or more usable. Water purification devices range in size from large industrial
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