Who invented the wedge?


It all depends which wedge you are referring to. There is a wedge pattern in finance, a wedge in geometry, a wedge in math, a wedge in politics, etc.
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The inventor of the wedge is unknown but the machine has been around since 7000 BC.
Potato wedges were invented in Indiana known as Hooiser fries. They were such an inspiration that some
It is said that KFC invented potato wedges, but actually no one is sure. Fried potatoes date back to 1680 in Belgium, back then they did cut them into shapes. report this answer.
In 1894 José Wedgefield was cutting a potato up to make his favourite meal of chips when he happened to let out a sneeze. As a result of this involuntary action, he cut a hunking
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Because it is such an old and general concept we do not really have a specific as to who invented the simple machine wedge. There is speculation that it originated ...
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