Who Invented the Wheelchair?


The wheelchair was invented by John Dawson in 1783. The chair had two large wheels in the back and one small one in the front. He named it the Bath Wheelchair after the town of Bath, England.
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The wheel chair was invented by John Dawson of Bath,England in 1783
In 1655, Stephen Farfler, a paraplegic, built a self-propelling chair on a three
The earliest image of a wheelchair dates back to 525 A.D. in China. An artistic engraving of the early wheelchair remains as existing evidence of the early invention. It wasn't until
The earliest record of wheelchairs dates back to the 6th century, as an inscription found on a stone slate in China. Later dates relate to Europeans using this technology during the
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There is some debate about when, and by whom the original wheelchair was invented. It has been recorded as far back as 1595, when King Phillip II, of Spain, is said to have been seen in a 'rolling chair', but it is unknown who made it for him. The modern version of the folding wheelchair was developed by a paraplegic named Herbert Everest, and an engineer named Harold C. Jennings. You can find more information at inventors.about.com
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