Who Invented Tomato Ketchup?


There is no record of who exactly invented the tomato ketchup but it is known that Sandy Addison was the first one to create a recipe of it. In the 1960's the Chinese came up with a concoction that they called koe-chiap or ke-chiap and later on many kinds of ketchup were created.
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Ketchup from Chinese ke-tsiap (fish sauce). 17th C sailors brought it west. Heinz 1st sold it in 1876
Catsup or ketchup was invented in China many years ago as a fish sauce. It was basically soy-based. The tomato based version is American in origin. Look here for more information:
it was invented in 1867.the inventor heinz.
Norton Winfred Simon was a millionaire industrialist and philanthropist based in
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The precursor to ketchup was a fermented fish sauce from southern China. As far back as 300 BC, texts began documenting the use of fermented pastes made from fish entrails, meat byproducts and soybeans.
The tomato ketchup recipes were first published in the early 17th century. Heinz launched its first ketchup in 1876.
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There are very many different brands of ketchup worldwide.The common ones are blue label tomato, mushroom ketch and Heinz organic tomato ketchup. ...
Ketchup is a tangy and tasty food sauce that is made from vinegar, assorted seasonings, tomatoes and spices. It can be frozen but there is no need to since it ...
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