Who Invented Velcro?


The hook-loop fastener was invented in 1941 by Swiss engineer, George de Mestral who lived in Commugny, Switzerland.
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The credit of inventing Velcro goes to George de Mestrel, a swiss engineer. The idea of developing the fastener came to the engineer when he removed burdock seeds from his clothes
Velcro was invented by George de Mestral, a Swiss engineer, in 1948, who was inspired by the
Velcro™, the fabric-strip fastener, is the invention of Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral (1908-1990). De Mestral came up with the idea for velcro™ around 1948, when he
George de Mestral came up with the idea after walking his dog and noticing all the burrs attached to him and the dog.
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Velcro was invented by Swiss engineer and inventor, George de Mestral who lived in Commugny, Switzerland. The idea came to him on a summer day in 1948 after returning home and discovering burrs on his clothes and his dog's fur.
The person that is credited with the invention of Velcro, which is a fabric fastening device used in many forms from clothing to furniture to medical uses, is a Swiss engineer named Georges de Mestral.
Velcro was first invented in 1941 by Swissman George D Mestral. He first patented velcro in 1955 but it took him until the late 1950's before he actually was able to work out the kinds and manufacture velcro for resale.
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