Who Invented Zombies?


Zombies were invented by an ethnobiologist called E. Wade Davis in April 1982 when he went to Haiti to investigate reports that two people who were known to be already dead had returned to their villages. Later George Romero turned zombies into movie characters in the horror movie series 'Night of the Living Dead'.
Q&A Related to "Who Invented Zombies"
well when there was a dead person and they twitched they'd say it's a zombie so in a sence the doctors made it up.
The concept of our modern Zombie can be traced from the George Romero film "Night of the Living Dead" This work is a homage to "I am Legend" a book, and later
The word 'it' can be interpreted many different ways. However when I think of 'who invented it' I am reminded of Stephen King's IT. Stephen King invented the story It from the depths
George A. Romero invented the mythology of Zombies. Starting with Night of the
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