Who Is a Tourist?


A tourist is a new type of user is emerging, one who acts as his or her own travel agent and builds a personalized travel package.
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Who Is A Tourist? Let me give you an answer. Look below for an answer!! A tourist is a person who travels largely for pleasure.Perhaps to see the sights,meet people,enjoy a different
Here is an introduction of Gennady Korotkevich (tourist) posted by Petr Mitrichev (Petr) another competitive programming contest participant back in October 2009. Apart from interesting
She takes a year off from school and goes out to see the world. So, she’s daring and curious, and shows obvious signs of adventurousness. It isn’t much of a stretch to
The Tourist is a 2010 romantic thriller film directed by Florian Henckel von
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A tourist is a person who visits a destination for recreational purposes. Large cities with lots of attractions tend to have many tourists, while small towns with limited attractions have very few tourists.
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