Who Is a Tourist?


A tourist is a new type of user is emerging, one who acts as his or her own travel agent and builds a personalized travel package.
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The tourist visa is restricted to visitors entering the country as tourists. Other types of visas include work, student, missionary and diplomatic. Visitors can apply for a single
Someone who travels for pleasure rather than for business, usually sightseeing and staying in hotels and One who makes a tour, or performs a journey in a circuit.
1. Do not feed any beach birds or animals of any type. Feeding animals (birds in particular) will cause a whole flock to swarm down into the area where you feed them or the birds
Preface: My wife, Annette and I have just returned from ten days in Cuba on a Road Scholar People and Culture Tour authorized by a program established under an executive order from
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A tourist is a person who visits a destination for recreational purposes. Large cities with lots of attractions tend to have many tourists, while small towns with limited attractions have very few tourists.
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Tourists are people who are traveling or visiting places for pleasure. The term "tourist" is most often used to refer to a person visiting a place on ...
A tacky tourist costume can be easy and fun to create. A good look is dark shorts, a loud Hawaiian button shirt, leather sandals with dark dress socks and a floppy ...
The best estimate for how many tourists visit the Colosseum each year is 4,440,500. This makes the Colosseum the most visited tourist attraction in Italy. ...
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