Who is at fault if someone hits my car?


The person at fault when a car gets hit by another vehicle depends upon a number of factors, including state law, where the damage occurs on the car — such as a strike from behind — and what type of insurance each driver has. Furthermore, law enforcement authorities usually make the call of where to assign blame in the case of an accident.

Insurance Hotline presents several scenarios to determine fault in accidents, including when a car enters or leaves a parking space, when a vehicle enters an access road and when vehicles travel in an intersection. The site notes that authorities often find people who fail to obey police officer's directions, do-not-enter signs, prohibited passing signs and prohibited turn signs to be at fault for their accidents.

Even drivers who live in a "no fault insurance" state may face an increase in insurance rates after an accident if authorities find them to be the cause of an accident, explains Car Insurance Comparison. In fact, people who live in no fault states still must carry a minimum amount of insurance, including personal injury protection and sometimes uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage in case of an accident with a driver who has inadequate insurance.

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