Who Is Corbin Bleu's Dad?


Corbin Bleu's father is David Reivers. Corbin Bleu dropped his last name so he and his famous father, also a Jamaican actor, could have separate professional identities. He has three sisters named Hunter Reivers, Jag Reivers and Phoenix Reivers plus his mother is called Martha Reivers.
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Corbin Bleu's dad is actor David Reivers.
His name is Daivd.
1. Take note of Corbin's look. Corbin is. African American. so naturally he has darker hair. His hair is rather famous as it is puffy, like a "fro" Having hair like Corbin
Corbin Bleu doesn't have any girlfriends, and will never have any if he doesn't shave off his ugly hair. He shouldn't be famous, since his voice is soooo lame...even more lame then
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