Cote De Pablo Pregnant?

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Cote de Pablo
Born: November 12, 1979
Birthplace: Santiago, Chile
Coté de Pablo is a Chilean-American actress best known for portraying NCIS Special Agent Ziva David on the TV drama NCIS.
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Mar ­a Jos de Pablo Fern °ndez commonly known as Cot de Pablo is a Chilean-American actress who is commonly known for her role in the television series NCIS. She is also said to have embarked on a career as a songwriter and a vocalist.
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She is a Chilean actress who plays Ziva David on NCIS.
Cote de Pablo is an actress who was born in Chile. She plays Officer Ziva David on Navy NCIS.
Cote De Pablo, of NCIS, was born 11/12/1979 in Santiago, Chile & grew up in Miami; she's 30 years old.
María José de Pablo Fernández November 12, 1979 in Santiago, Chile
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Actress Cote De Pablo is 31 years old. She was born November 12,1979. She plays special agent Ziva on the series NCIS. ...
Cote de Pablo, the actress and singer known for her role on NCIS, is 5 feet and 7 inches tall. To see more information, go here: . ...
Cote de Pablo is an actress and singer. She was born in Santiago, Chile in 1979. She has made films and music recordings and has won a number of awards. ...
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