Who Is Credited with the First Claiming That the Earth Rotated on Its Axis and How?


Galileo Galilei, was the first claiming that the earth rotatoes on it axis. He was an italian also known to be an astonomer and some other roles as well. He had a big part in Revolution and science. He was born on 15 Feb 1564.
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I remember from Astronomy class that Copernicus was credited with the claim that the Earth rotates on an axis. Kepler and Galilei also added to the theory. It is called Heliocentrism.
The first person who discovered that the Earth rotated on is axis is unknown. Hiketas of Syracuse were among the first to agree the Earth rotated on it's axis.
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The Earth rotates around once in 24 hours, at 1000 mph! The Earth's axis is tipped over
If you stand at the Earth’s equator, you are moving approximately 25,000 miles (40,075 kilometers) in each 24-hour day. To calculate this speed, divide the distance around the
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Depending upon what culture a person looks at determines who is credited with claiming that the earth rotated on its axis. Aryabhata from India theorizes this ...
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