Who is Dale Tiffany?


Dale Tiffany is a collection of Tiffany lights and lamps. Louis Comfort Tiffany started the fine works of lighting. Some of the lines are called Dale Tiffany and Paul Sahlin Tiffany.
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1. Look on the base and stem of your lamp. There should be a distinctive mark or markings somewhere on the lamp. 2. Check the lamp shade for any distinctive markings or words. The
His mark is "Dale Tiffany Inc. and also includes a copyright logo (a "c" in a circle)
Brenda Gee.
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Dale Tiffany is a company that manufactures and designs Tiffany lamp reproductions. They produce very high end expensive replicas and also affordable replicas. Dale Tiffany lamps can be found for sale in JcPenny. You can find more information here: www.daletiffany.com
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