Who Is Don Henley's Wife?


Don Henley's wife is Sharon Summerall. After a record-breaking tour for Hell Freezes Over with the eagles came to an end in May 1995, he married in his long-time girlfriend Sharon Summerall from Dallas, a former model who lived in Texas.
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Sharon Summerall Henley
Musician Don Henley is 62 years old. He was born in 1947. He was one of the founders of the rock bank the Eagles. He has won Grammy Awards for his work seven times.
Don Henley is an American rock singer, songwriter and drummer, best known as a founding member of
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Don Henley was born in Texas in 1847. His parents loved music and had him in piano lessons at an early age. In high school, Henley had wanted to play on the football ...
Don Henley has been married to Sharon Summerall since 1995. As of December 2012, they have three children. Their names are Will, Julia Sophia, and Annabelle. ...
Don Henley sang backup for the group, the Eagles, before going on to become a solo super star. He was born in Texas, on July 22nd, 1947. He's an amazing singer. ...
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