Does Eminem have a brother?


The rapper Eminem, born Marshall Mathers, has one half-brother named Nathan Kane Mathers. The state's decision to take custody of Nathan from their mother had an impact on Eminem's relationship with his mother, which is illustrated in the rapper's music.

Nathan has not been as familiar to the public as Eminem's other family members despite the fact that he has his own rap aspirations. Eminem's willingness to commit his family drama to music has made his mother Debbie Briggs a celebrity in her own right. Most fans also know of the tumultuous relationship Eminem has with his ex-wife Kim Scott.

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Nathan Mathers is Eminem's half brother different father. Eminem has custody of him due to Debbie's drug abuse.
Rapper EMINEM's younger brother continues to enjoy a close relationship with their mother's-bro...
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As far as I've inferred, Not Afraid is Eminem's comeback song. After the slump in quality with the previous albums, Eminem went on a hiatus(2005-2008) He himself agrees in the other
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