Who is Jamie Foxx's wife?


As of 2014, Jamie Foxx is not married. He is known as somewhat of a playboy in the entertainment industry and has a long history of relationships, including dating Gabrielle Beauvais, Stacey Dash, Christina Milian, Vivica A. Fox and Claudia Jordan. Jamie Foxx has two daughters from previous relationships, Corinne Bishop (born in 1994) and Annalise Bishop (born in 2009).

Jamie Foxx got his start on the shows "In Living Color" and "Roc" after starting out doing stand-up at The Comedy Club. He has starred in numerous movies including "Any Given Sunday," "Jarhead," "Collateral" and "Ray," for which he an Academy Award.

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Jamie Foxx is not currently married.
Stacy Keibler is Jamie Foxx's current girlfriend! They have been dating since
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