Who is Jesus Christ, and what is his mission to the world?


Jesus Christ is the son of God. He was sent to this world to save people from judgement. His mission in this world was to give his life to ensure that once a person dies they are able to go into heaven.
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Jesus Christ is the son of GOD. The second person in the Holy Trinity. GOD in the flesh. He was sent to earth to save his people from their sins. He accomplished this by dying on
Jesus is the son of God who came to Earth to spread the
well that depends on who you ask really. since you asked me i will tell you what i believe with all my heart. Jesus was and is the son of the Father God Almighty in heaven. His mission
Jesus Christ is God; He is God in Holy Trinity with the Father and Holy Spirit. Jesus is Emanuel (which means "God with us" Jesus is the Messiah. He is our Savior. Jesus
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