Who Is John Crapper?


Thomas John Crapper was a plumber who did much to increase the popularity of the toilet. Misconception remains that John Crapper was the inventor of the toilet when they have been used since the early ages.
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The person who invented the toilet. the word crap comes from his last name.
The legendary inventor of the flush toilet was Thomas Crapper, not John. John Crapper
John Crapper was never a person, despite the urban legend. Thomas P. Crapper was a 19th century English plumber who improved John Harrington's flush toilet. report this answer. Updated
Thomas Crapper & Co. website http://www.thomas-crapper.com/history02.… Thomas Crapper: Myth & Reality http://www.theplumber.com/crapper.html THOMAS CRAPPER Thomas Crapper
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John Crapper is a fictional person who is qidely claimed to have invented the toilet. He did not actually exist. His name is probably an amalgamation of the names of two real people: John Harrington and Thomas Crapper. John Harrington was the actual inventor of the flushable commode; Thomas Crapper, while he had no actual part in the toilet's invention, was a plumber who did much to encourage its popularity.
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