Who is John W. Creasy?


John W. Creasy was the name of the main character in the book ''Man on Fire" by author A.J. Quinnell. The book was published in 1980 and was the first in a series of novels that featured Creasy as the protagonist. The character, although an American citizen, once served in the French Foreign Legion and became a bodyguard.

A.J. Quinnell was a pen name of British author Philip Nicholson. The character of Creasy was based on several people that Nicholson met during his travels around the world. The character also appeared in four sequels to the first book. These novels were "Perfect Kill," "The Blue Ring," "Black Horn" and "Message From Hell." Nicholson was working on another Creasy novel entitled "Priests of a Dead God" at the time of his death in 2005. The work was never completed.

The first John W. Creasy story, "Man on Fire," was made into movies released in 1987 and 2004. The 2004 film starred Denzel Washington and made several minor changes to the story, including moving the setting to Mexico. The 1987 film featured Scot Glenn as John W. Creasy and was more faithful to the source material by keeping the location of the story in Italy.

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