Who is Keith Lemon?


Keith Lemon is the comedic alter-ego of an Englishman named Leigh Francis. Lemon is the host of the British television series "Celebrity Juice." Lemon, as Francis's comedic persona, also appears in the eponymously titled film "Keith Lemon," released in 2012.

"Celebrity Juice" was created in 2008, after the success of the Keith Lemon character on a program called "Bo' Selecta!." Described by many critics as crude and juvenile, the series nonetheless entertains British viewers with its steady embarrassment of celebrities, and has won awards such as the National Television Award for Best Comedy Panel Show in 2012.

"Keith Lemon" places the titular character in the position of an inventor soliciting funds for his dubious creation, the "securipole." A central conceit of the film involves Lemon's obsession with entrepreneur Richard Branson. Universally panned by the critics on the respected film-review website "Rotten Tomatoes," the 2012 film receives not one positive review to offset 12 savage critiques. That did not prevent "Keith Lemon" from doing good box office, nearly $5 million on limited release in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta.

Leigh Francis, the man behind Keith Lemon, is a 40-year-old married man with two children. He married his wife Jill in 2002.

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Keith Lemon is a comedy character created and performed by. Leigh Francis. As well as appearing in his own popular show the character has taken a life of it's own and can be seen
no he is not married at all.
Keith Lemon is a character in the Bo' Selecta! franchise. He is portrayed by Leigh Francis.
Yeah, Love him! hes brill! dont know how he gets away with it but im glad he does! :) Love the way he dances on C.J. Poor Fearne though, she gets some stick from him! Source: Potato
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