Facts about Mansa Musa?


Mansa Musa was the ruler of the empire of Mali in its Golden years. He is well known for his extravagant Hajj caravan in which he had sixty-thousand people dressed in fine silk and eighty camels carrying two tons of gold. During the trip, he generously gave out handfuls of gold to the needy families he encountered along the way after which he ran out of money and had to borrow some for his trip back.
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he was big,well-built and tan and had a beard he was also a very mean and cruel ruler, had very harsh consequences.
Although Timbuktu was long a center of learning and commerce, back to the golden empire of Mansa M.
Mansa Musa was the wealthy ruler of Mali. Mali was one of the richest and most economically powerful empires of its time, due to its massive exports to Europe and other countries.
Mali became more well-known internationally.
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Mansa Musa is known for being the tenth emperor of the Mali empire. He reigned between the 1312-1337 and encompassed over a dozen states in his rule. He is well ...
Mansa Musa was a 14th century ruler of the Malian Empire in North Africa, and one of the richest people in the world at the time. He was a devout Muslim and made ...
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