Who is Max Preece?


North Somerset native Max Preece died after falling from a roof while allegedly under the influence of ecstasy and cocaine. The 21-year-old musician had written music for the first two seasons of the popular British television series "Skins."

According to the Weston Mercury, Preece sustained fatal head and spinal injuries after falling roughly 30 feet. The incident occurred in 2008. Producers of the show dedicated the first episode of the third season of "Skins" to Preece, sparking interest among fans of the show as to who Preece was.

Set in Bristol, "Skins" focuses on rebellious teens. The Bristol Post reported that Preece was a good friend of Jess Brittain, daughter of the series' creator. The newspaper also noted that those who knew Preece described him as friendly, outgoing and talented. A character in the first season of the show was loosely based on Preece.

The Weston Mercury reported that Preece and several friends had been up partying all night before he fell off the roof at about 11 a.m. It also reported that Preece's parents, who had been on holiday in Spain when the incident occurred, were able to visit him in hospital before he died early on the morning after the accident.

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A student whose music was featured on the first two series of teen drama Skins. He died after falling from a roof under the influence of drugs.
Max Preece was a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Bristol. He wrote some original music for the first and second series of Skins.
Max died having the time of his life. He'd been out partying for his best friends birthday and it was in the morning when they were all sunbathing on the roof because the weather
Max was a female international arms dealer who was attempting to purchase a secret list identifying U.S. (and, possibly, NATO) undercover intelligence agents and spies. The list is
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