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The legally next of kin is a person's closest living blood relative or relatives of a person. The surviving spouse, brother, sister, husband, wife can be the next of kin. Hospital, banks and lawyers will often request you to include next of kin in your documents.
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Next of kin refers to the nearest blood relatives of a person, including the surviving spouse. This term may also be used to refer to anyone who would inherit property by the laws of descent and distribution if there is no will. In an emergency, the next of kin are usually contacted and may be required to provide information about a person or give consent for certain medical decisions.
Next of kin is not defined by the law. This has implications that it could be anyone. Blood relatives and spouses have widely been recognized as next of kin, especially in events of emergency.
There is no legal definition of the term 'next of kin'. However, your blood relatives or life partner is mostly the one recognised as your next of kin.
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1. Read the portion of the will or testament that describes how the person wishes to be disposed of. This will let you know who they wish to have the right of disposition in most
"Next of kin" is not a legal term, but it refers to your closest relative. If you are married, your spouse is your next of kin. If you are divorced or your spouse is dead,
The next of kin is your closest blood relative and includes your spouse, parents and siblings. Your next of kin becomes very important if you were to die without leaving a will. In
The legal definition of "next of kin" does not include one's spouse. It includes your children, your parents, and other blood relatives who have a right of inheritance.
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The sequence of next of kin refers to the closest existing blood relation of a certain person. This is a legal concept that is often used to govern rights of inheritance ...
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