Who's on the Dime?


Franklin D. Roosevelt
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A "dime" is a denomination of coin in the U.S. It's worth 10 cents, or 1/10 of a dollar. Based on its American usage the name is also a slang term for 10-cent coins in Canada
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It's actually "what are the nickel and dime defenses?" in as much as they are separate defensive schemes. Both relate to the number of defensive backs a team deploys when
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Franklin D. Roosevelt is on the dime.
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Here are the dimensions of a dime : dime -- 17.9 mm diameter, 1.35 mm thickness. This refers to a US dime which is equivalent to 1/10th of the US dollar. It's ...
Copper dimes are special coin which is made up from the copper and nickel. It is approximated that an US dime contains 75% copper and 25% nickel. In older times, ...
1956 dime is about £1.88 woth . ...
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