Pulcinella often called Punch or Punchinello in English, is a classical character with origins from the commedia dell'arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry. His main characteristic is his extremely long nose that resembles a beak.
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‘Ballet with song’ in one act by Stravinsky to a libretto by Massin (1920, Paris); for soprano, tenor, bass and chamber orchestra, it adapts works attributed to Pergolesi
Pulcinella, often called Punch or Punchinello in English, Polichinelle in French, is a classical
" Pulcinella. is the main Neapolitan character; dressed in white with a black mask, he has a very long nose and a hunchback. He is a chatterbox, insolent and lazy. His main ambitions
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Pulcenella represents a classical character with the origin being the commedia dell'arte during the 17th century. Pulcenella became a stock character for the Neapolitan ...
Punch and Judy was derive in the 16th century from the Neapolitan stock character of Pulcinella, which was Anglicized to Punchinello. No particular person is credited ...
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