Who Is St Jimmy?


St. Jimmy is a track on the 7th studio album called American Idiot by Green Day. The album was released through Reprise Records in September 2004 and has a track listing of 13; where st. jimmy is listed at number 6. The album has sold over 14 million copies worldwide since its release. St. Jimmy is about a kid created in the mind by the record creator, to make himself lees vulnerable to the world.
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St. Jimmy is a fictional character from Green Day's 'American Idiot' (It's the sixth track) St. Jimmy was a different side of Jesus of Suburbia; he was who Jesus wanted to be. Jimmy
St. Jimmy is a character in a song by the American punk rock band Green Day. He is a punk rock
St. Jimmy, also known as Jimmy, or Jesus of
St. Jimmy is a punk rock freedom fighter character from the concept album "American Idiot".
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