Who is Teresa de Klerk?


Teresa de Klerk is a South African fashion model who was born in 1976. She was on the cover of South Africa's "Elle" magazine in February of 1999 and the December/January issue of "SL" magazine later that year.

Teresa de Klerk also graced the covers of two French publications: "Femme Actuelle" in May of 1993 and "Paris Capitale" for the December/January 1997 issue. In 1997, she was also featured in the South African "Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition." She has appeared in advertisements for Biotherm, Frankonia, Jenna de Rosnay, Lacoste, Majestic, Queenspark, Triumph and Wonderbra. FHM magazine voted her as #10 sexiest woman in the world in 2001.

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