Who Is the Current Leader of Spain?


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Felipe VI is the Monarch of Spain
Chief of State: Monarch Felipe VI
Head of State: Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy
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Presidente del Gobierno (President 0f the Government) José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
The King of Spain is Juan Carlos and he is the current leader of Spain! Thanks
The Head of the State is the King. The current King is Juan Carlos I de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias. But the King doesn't have any political power in practice. The
President Traian Băsescu LE by Bacx: see here for reference: http://www.basescu.ro/\ I don't know how to read Romanian so can you put a website that explains thing in english
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King Juan Carlos I, the current monarch, is Head of State. The Prime Minister has the official title of President of the Government.
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