Who is the father of computers?


English mathematician Charles Babbage is often referred to as the "father of computing." Babbage invented the first automatic calculator, which is still regarded as a prominent example of precision engineering, in the 1800s.

Charles Babbage was an extremely proficient mathematician who was often far ahead of his instructors in his knowledge. He was primarily interested in calculus and became consumed with inventing a calculating machine. He invented a machine called the Difference Engine in 1821 that could compile mathematical tables. He would later invent another machine called the Analytical Engine that had many similar mechanisms to computer of the modern age.

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The father of computers is known by the name of Charles Babbage, he is known for the father of computers because he invented the difference engine and then the analytical engine which
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Aristotle was born in 384 B.C.E. the son of a royal court physician. He began by following in his father's footsteps and studying medicine but then went to Athens to study philosophy
Charles Babbage, a British Mathematics professor, is regarded as the
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Charles Babbage is generally known as the father of the computer, because he was the first to conceptualize a programmable computer.
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