Who is the killer in "Basic Instinct"?


Catherine Trammell is the killer in the 1992 cat-and-mouse thriller "Basic Instinct." The manipulative Trammell, a writer and psychologist, is played by actress Sharon Stone.

In the movie, detective Nick Curran (played by Michael Douglas), who once battled troubles of his own, is called to investigate the murder of retired rock star Michael Boz. The victim's ex-girlfriend, Trammell, becomes the prime suspect when it is discovered the murder is a mere copy of one of her crime novels. The investigation is slowed when Curran begins a relationship with Trammell. Blinded by lust, he does not discover the truth until the very end.

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In a scene or 2 before Nick's partner gets killed, when Nick is at Katherine's home and she tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore, she is printing out here story for her new
The killer in the 1992 movie, Basic Instinct, is Sharon Stone's character, Catherine
Sharon Stone, was the lead actress in the movie Basic Instinct. She was nominated for the Golden Globe
We are led to believe the Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) is indeed the killer despite several plot variations that are designed to mislead us. If you remember the final scene in
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