Who is the leader of Japan?


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Leaders of Japan
Chief: Emperor Akihito
Head: Deputy Prime Minister Tarō Asō
General elections to the House of Representatives held every four years, elections to the House of Councillors held every three years to choose one-half of its members, and local elections held every four years.
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The current leader of Japan is Yukio Hatoyama. He was elected on August 30, 2009. He won by an overwhelming amount of numbers to take out the Liberal Democratic government that had
Emperor Hirohito.
Piku is the. first. daily deal service in Japan (launched in April 2010) but it's not the market leader. Groupon Japan is leading the local market, after Groupon bought Qpod, a Japanese
The Japan Haead of government is Prime Minister Taro ASO (since 24
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The executive branch of Japan's government is the Cabinet. It is led by the Prime Minister and contains 17 or fewer Ministers of State. The "National Diet," Japan's legislative branch, consists of the House of Representatives, which has 480 members, and the House of Councilors, which has 242 members. The Diet is responsible for making laws and electing the Prime Minister, who must be one of its members. Japan's judiciary system is made up of the Supreme Court and lesser courts. All are appointed by the Cabinet.

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An emperor is the symbolic elected leader of the state, a leader of the Japanese Imperial family. His name is Akihito he was born in 1933. Emperor's role in Tokugawa ...
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