Who Is the New Prime Minister of Poland?


The prime minister of Poland of the running year 2011, is Mr. Donald tusk. He is the head of the Polish Council of Ministers and is not a permanent appointee of the post. This position keeps varying from individual to individual as dictated in the Poland’s Civilian command structure.
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Leaders of Poland
Chief: President Bronislaw Komorowski
Head: Prime Minister Donald Tusk
The president is elected for a five-year term by the people. The National Assembly has two chambers. The parliament has 460 members, elected for a four-year term. The Senate has 100 members elected for a four-year term.
As of January 2012, the new Prime Minister of Poland was Donald Tusk who entered into office when he was 50 years old. All Poland's Prime Ministers are entitled to protection for a period of six months after they leave office by the Government Protection Bureau.
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Answer Donald Tusk is the prime minister of Poland since November 2007
The Minister of Justice Zbigniew ?wi?kalski resigned this morning in connection
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Many parliamentary democracies have both a president and a prime minister: France, Italy, Germany (where the PM is called a chancellor) Israel, Slovakia, and Finland all have both
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As at 2012 the prime minister of Poland was Donald Tusk. He has been in the post since 16th November 2007 and was 50 year old at the time of entering office. His ...
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