Who is the President of Chevrolet?


Chevrolet is a brand of cars and division owned by General Motors. The current Chariman and CEO of General Motors is Daniel Ackerson. The President of International Operations is Timothy E. Lee.
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Wayne Brannon is the President of Chevrolet Europe. As Chevrolet was a product of General Motors the president in America would be Mark Reuss.
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1. Write to the President of General Motors, North America. As of November 2010, this person is Mark L. Reuss. 2. Address your concerns to the Vice President of Chevrolet Sales and
Lyndon Johnson.
Richie Gilmore, director of motorsports at DEI, says he's confident that Dale Earnhardt Inc. will sign Martin Truex Jr. to a new contract soon. Michael Waltrip's situation, though
Lyndon Johnson
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Louis Chevrolet, who was the president of General Motors in 1911. It's one of the cars I used to dream owning. Chevrolet is still one of the best, i think. ...
Lyndon Johnson ...
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