Who Is the President of Jamaica?


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The Government of Jamaica
Government Type: constitutional parliamentary democracy and a Commonwealth realm
Voting Age: 18 years of age; universal
Chief: Monarch Elizabeth II
Head: Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller
Legislature: bicameral Parliament consists of the Senate (a 21-member body appointed by the governor general on the recommendations of the prime minister and the leader of the opposition; ruling party is allocated 13 seats, and the opposition is allocated 8 seat
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The country of Jamaica does not, and has never had a President. Jamaica is a Parliamentary Democracy and is governed by an elected Prime Minister and a ceremonial Head of State (Queen
Felipe Calderón is the president of jamaica. Src:
In early May of 1494, during his second expedition to the West Indies, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus became the first European to land in Jamaica. His interest in the island
Well its a. Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy. So they have a. Governor-General like Canada. and his name is Patrick Allen.
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Jamaica is one of the few global comunities that still embrace the Westminster System of government. This system cons both the democratic and parliamentary principles of ruling. Because of this Jamaica does not have a president, but rather it is ruled by a prime minister and its current prime minister is called Bruce Golding.
Jamaica is not a republic and so it does not have a president. Jamaica is a commonwealth realm with Queen Elizabeth II as head of the state. An equivalent to the leader of the country president would be the Prime Minister who is named Bruce Golding.
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