Who Is the President of Norway?


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Leaders of Norway
Chief: King Harald V
Head: Prime Minister Erna Solberg
Norway elects its legislature on a national level. The parliament, the Storting, has 169 members elected for a four year term (during which it may not be dissolved) by the proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies.
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Norway has no president, since the country is a monarchy, so there is a prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, and a king, King Harald V.
There is no president in Norway. But a king and a queen. The king and queen in Norway are similar to the king or queen of U.K. The Prime Minister handles most of the important politics
In 2005, Aili Keskitalo became the first woman Sami President. She
President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway on Thursday but acknowledged the questions surrounding the award. Obama, along with first lady Michelle Obama, walked into
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In Norway there is no president, but a King, Queen and the Prime Minister. The Current Prime Minister of Norway is Jens Stoltenberg, he was elected in 2005.
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